Expert Temporary Electrical Supplies Brisbane

Is your work- site in need of power, but doesn’t have a permanent connection? Then you need Electra Works Expert Temporary Electrical Supplies Brisbane.

Here at Electra works, we understand that getting approval for a temporary power supply in time for the start of the project is crucial, but can be a lengthy and challenging task with many people and authorities to deal with and hoops to jump through. We want to make the process of getting temporary power supply for your site as smooth and easy as possible. That is why we are able to take care of the paper work and apply for power supply for your work site as well as install it once it gets approval.

Our crew of expert electricians are experienced in temporary power supplies, and have been applying for and installing them across Brisbane for years. They understand that it can be a long process to be approved, and that they need to submit the application and get underway with the approval requirements as soon as possible. That is why it is important for you to let us know as early as possible that you need a temporary power supply to ensure that it is approved and installed on time. 

Don’t leave it any longer, or it could be too late. Book our Expert Temporary Electrical Supplies Brisbane, contact us today on 0431 110 148 or email

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