Expert Hazardous Areas Services Brisbane

Does your company use or store dangerous materials? Are your electrical design installations and maintenance meeting the requirements for hazardous area standards and practices? Electra works Expert Hazardous Areas Services Brisbane can ensure that your company is meeting all of the requirements for hazardous areas.

Dangerous materials include a wide range of unstable or flammable materials such as petrol, chemicals, printing inks and much more. It is a necessity that all companies using or storing these materials ensure, and verify through professional inspection, that their electrical design installations and maintenance are meeting the requirements with hazardous area standards and practices. If a company fails to meet the requirements they can be in breach and thereby risk themselves, and the company’s owners, to legal ramifications including claims subject to the Occupational Health and Safety Act. 

Our professional team of electricians are highly knowledgeable and trained in hazardous areas requirements. They are able to come onsite and inspect and certify hazardous areas that meet requirements, and fix hazardous areas that do not currently meet the requirements.

Make sure that your company is compliant by using our Expert Hazardous Areas Services Brisbane. To book, call us on 0431 110 148 or email

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