Expert Appliance Repairs Service Brisbane

Get in touch with Electra Works today for Expert Appliance Repairs Service Brisbane. Our crew of experienced repair specialists can help to repair a large range of appliances including: air conditioning units, dishwashers, dryers, ovens, washing machines, kitchen appliances and more.

If you can’t tell us what’s wrong with your appliance, don’t worry. All of our electricians have a wide range of common appliance parts that they carry in their vehicles at all times. This way the majority of the time, the electrician can fix your appliance at the initial visit. However, if the malfunctioning appliance part is not common, we are able to order in the piece and return to fix the appliance at another time.  We place all orders as soon as possible to ensure that your appliance will be fixed in as short amount of time as possible and we will let you know the estimated arrival time of the parts so that you can book in your follow up repair appointment.   

When we do come to evaluate your appliance, we will let you know up front how much the part to be replace costs, and whether or not we think it is worth repairing. That way, you are well informed when deciding if you want to spend your money repairing the appliance, or replacing it completely.  

If you have any more questions about what appliances we can repair, or want to book our Expert Appliance Repairs Service Brisbane, call us on 0431 110 148 or email

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