Expert UPS Service Brisbane

A UPS system is vital for all workplaces, from offices, airports, hospitals, process industries, retailers, to many more. Most workplaces use and cannot do their work without a range of electronic devices such as computers in an office setting or medical equipment in a hospital. What happens to these workplaces when a power failure or power surge happens? If they don’t have a UPS system they can suffer serious consequences. That is why you need Electra Works Expert UPS Service Brisbane.

An Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is a mechanism that works a little bit like a generator or battery, but even better. The mechanism can sense when the main power supply has failed and immediately takes over, supplying power from its own reserves. It will then send you a notification so that you have time to rectify the situation until the battery runs out. This can help to prevent a range of serious workplace issues, including extensive loss of data, production, sales and health and safety hazards. The UPS system is also able to cut off power surges, stopping it from damaging electricals. Our highly qualified and experienced electricians are able to supply, install, and regularly maintain your UPS. 

A UPS system is an imperative mechanism to guard your business, staff, and clients against the damaging and sometimes life threatening repercussions of power failure or surges. To book our Expert UPS Service Brisbane, call our friendly team today on 0431 110 148 or email

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