Split System Air Conditioning Installation Terms and Conditions

Quote Terms
  • The quote is subject to ElectraWorks Service Terms and Conditions of Trade.
  • The quote is effective for thirty (30) days from the date received and thereafter may require review.
  • Acceptance of quote confirmed with a deposit amounting to the cost of your air conditioners, payment terms below.
  • We cannot take responsibility for any damage or performance related problems caused by ingress of any foreign matter or person, animal or plant or part thereof, vandalism, accident, flood, fire, lightning strike, negligence or any other external source or act of God.
  • In the event of heavy rain etc. installations may have to be re-scheduled due to safety regulations or structural constraints. If this is the case, we will inform you on the day (or prior if possible) and an alternative installation time/date will be arranged.
  • Our split-system units are installed and measured to the standard of the installation technician present to comply with industry installation and warranty standards. If, for any reason, you would like the unit installed at a non-standard height/ position, please have someone present on the day to discuss/oversee and sign-off on the work, all prices are clearly stated on our website for installation.
  • ElectraWorks Pty Ltd can take no responsibility of asbestos dust, pollution or general asbestos-related damages caused by the movement of the material
  • ElectraWorks cannot be held responsible for unforseen electrical issues existing within the building which may arise when installing air conditioning

  • Five (5) year manufacturers standard warranty (extended warranties available: If you would like to purchase this, please inform one of our sales consultants).
  • Three (3) months on refrigerant gas (Any equipment/installation failure requiring replacement of refrigerant will be warranted for three (3) months only).
  • Twelve (12) month warranty within the installation scope, extended to five (5) years with annual servicing of the installed airconditioning unit by our licensed ElectraWorks technicians (does not include any refrigerant or refrigerant leaks after 3 months).
  • Three (3) month warranty on water pumps and installation.

  • Supply of chosen split-system airconditioning system (if required) Installation of pipe/ductwork and interconnecting electrical/control cabling between all equipment supplied by ElectraWorks Pty. Ltd. up to 2m (standard).
  • Refrigerant pipe-work (all systems incorporate the latest refrigerant R410A).
  • Full commissioning.
  • Electrical
    • Independent hardwire over 4.4kW (up to max 15m) to metre box including 20 amp circuit breaker.
    • Outdoor manual isolator switch (to safely turn off during maintenance etc).

  • Colour other than supplier issued
  • Additional pipe-work (over 2m $50/p metre via walls in ducting, $100 plus $35 p/metre via ceilings thereafter)
  • Painting, re-decorating or general carpentry i.e. patching from removal of units, boxing in ductwork, plaster work and/or building structural work etc. (if required)
  • Installation of condensate pump/s where gravity drainage is not possible (from $280 incl. GST extra)
  • Penetrations through structures containing asbestos- walls to be checked for asbestos; client to have hole/s cut (if required)
  • Access to routine maintenance and service (standard services start at $145 incl. GST, recommended annually to maintain optimal functioning of your unit and also to extend workmanship warranty)
  • Core drilling or any other non-standard penetrations (starting from $100 incl. GST p/hole cut)
  • Any variations from the above and/or work not specified in this recommendation
  • Water Pumps (starting from $280 incl. GST)
  • Electrical
    • Consumer mains upgrade/ three-phase power upgrade (if required)
    • Switchboard upgrade (if required)

Water Pumps

These are an automotive water pump with a self-automated floater. ElectraWorks use Easy 20 or orange, which is one of the highest quality brands on the market. Warranty for standard condensate pump is 3 months installation. Please be aware, water pumps may vibrate and cause some noise during operation.

Other Considerations

Whilst all care is taken to provide the most accurate quote via email/phone, minor changes/additions according to your personal circumstances may sometimes be involved on the day. Any changes are discussed with you at the time of the installation, and there are no obligations to accept these. In minor cases the installation may have to be re-scheduled to the next available appointment. Our installers will always strive to arrive at the given time to avoid any inconvenience to you; however, they may at times be delayed due to previous appointments or by other unforeseen circumstances. If this becomes the case, we will inform you at the earliest time we can.

Payment Terms

A deposit (amounting to the cost of your air conditioner/s) is due and payable upon acceptance and for confirmation of this quote, and before commencement of any work. Upon (or prior to, if desired) completion of the work, final payment is due and payable on the day of completion either by cheque, cash, VISA/MasterCard (Surcharge of 1.8%) or direct deposit (all banking details are found within your invoice).

*Please note: All invoices are emailed upon acceptance to a specified email address unless unavailable, in which case these are then mailed to an appropriate home/PO Box address. A 5% overdue fee (compounding every 7 days) will be incurred on the remaining balance of the invoice if left unpaid after completion of work. Where commissioning of your equipment is delayed due to circumstances outside the control of ElectraWorks, up to 75% of the final payment will become due for payment upon practical completion. All materials and equipment provided remain the property of ElectraWorks until payment is received in full.

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